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GCH Pegasus Grabbin the Bull By the Horns V TTS

Semen Owner Name: Bianca Gonzalez

Semen Owner Email:

Semen Owner Phone: 832-452-4006


Stud's Full Registered Name (including any titles):

GCH Grabbin the Bull By the Horns V TTS

Stud's Call Name: Angus

Stud's AKC Registration #: 42302801

Stud's Color: Black

Colors Carried (if any): Fawn/Brindle

AKC DNA #: V737908

CHIC #: 114968

Date of Frozen Collection: 8-20-2014

Location of Stored Collection (State/Country): Houston, TX

Available Semen Type: Frozen

Stud's Birthdate: 8/27/12

Stud's Date of Death (if applicable):

Health Testing Results:

CERF Normal;

OFA Thyroid Normal;

OFA Auscultaion/Echocardiogram Normal;

Penn Hip >90%, Left DI 0.18, Right DI 0.17

Colors of Bitches Considered: Black, Blue, Fawn, Brindle, Harlequin

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