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Catalan El Santhynor

Semen Owner Name: Eliisa Koskela
Semen Owner Email:

Semen Owner Phone: +358407412014
Stud's Full Registered Name (Including any titles):
Catalan El Santhynor
Int.CH, CH Croatia, CH Hungary, CH Slovakia, CH Serbia, CH Bosnia Multi CH
Stud's Call Name: Catalan
Stud's AKC Registration #: MET.Dog 6539/01
Stud's Color: Harlequin
Date of Frozen Collection:26.9.2003
Location of Stored Collection: Finland
Available Semen Type: Frozen
Stud's Birthdate: 06.02.2001
Stud's Date of Death (If applicable): 17.05.2013
Health Testing Results:
ED 0
Colors of Bitches Considered: Harlequin

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